Senior Sales Executive

The Senior Sales Executive provides leadership, direction, and resource knowledge to the organization’s sales function. As LexRay’s sales leader, the Senior Sales Executive is responsible for overall sales performance, the profitable achievement of sales goals, and for aligning sales objectives with firm business strategy.

Job Description

  • Aligns the sales objectives with firm business strategy through active participation in corporate strategic planning, sales strategy development, forecasting, sales resource planning, and budgeting
  • Accountable for effective sales design, including sales job roles, sales channel design, and sales resource deployment
  • Meets assigned targets for profitable sales volume, market share, and other key financial performance objectives
  • Leads learning and development initiatives and provides stewardship of sales and sales management talent
  • Establish learning and development objectives essential to the organization’s success, oversees the effective delivery of training and development programs, actively assesses the value of training and development investments, and monitors learning and development outcomes to ensure high ROI
  • Establishes and governs the performance management system. This includes establishing guiding sales principles for managing performance, establishing and prioritizing critical performance measures for all sales jobs; overseeing the equitable allocation of objectives across all sales channels, markets, and personnel; and ensuring all key sales and sales management associates are held accountable for assigned results
  • Provides leadership to the sales team while fostering a culture of accountability, professional development, high-performance, and ethical behavior
  • Proactively assesses existing sales support investments, including those in technology, training, and administrative support. Ensures support investments yield productivity benefits consistent with established objectives
  • Leads sales change initiatives by continuously assessing the need for organizational change, championing initiatives, and removing obstacles impeding constructive change
  • Establishes and maintains productive peer-to-peer relationships with customers and prospects
  • Analytical capabilities to segment markets, execute product introductions and market expansions, provide key account planning, and analyze competitive activity


  • 6+ years of progressive sales leadership experience in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Progressive experience implementing both small and large sales teams
  • Proven sales experience implementing deals of deals over $1M


  • Travel is a must. Approximately 75% of this job will entail being on the road. If you are not willing to travel, please do not apply

What We Do
Often, critical operational decisions are made with incomplete information because a mobile workforce does not have access to crucial data needed to make fully informed decisions. We provide that ability allowing individuals, groups and teams to make high-value, high-risk decisions quickly, wherever they are. With a special focus on a state-of-the-art Mobile Operations Platform for an agile workforce, LexRay helps customers maximize operational efficiencies. We have proven processes and experience connecting applications, systems and interfaces to our patented mobile platform.

Our unique ability to deliver data applications to one single platform provides agencies with a portable operations center that has proven relevance in both the government and private sectors. Current or custom applications, building interfaces, HVAC systems, live or recorded video, and more can be viewed from a single screen on any smart phone or tablet, providing access to any and all information relevant to decision-making.

What Success Looks Like

  • You have been both strategic and very hands-on delivering success
  • You created and executed a sales plan which resulted in significant growth
  • Our solution set has continued to evolve based on needs in the marketplace that you surfaced

What’s In It For You?

  • You are inheriting a proven, next generation solution with market demand and world-class customers
  • You will have the opportunity to be one of the key drivers to take an organization to the next level
  • You will be working with recognized thought leaders in the industry
  • You will participate in the value growth of LexRay