Products & Services

Stay on Top of the Situation in Real Time

  • LexRay V5 integrated video is a patented technology that allows you to view and control both live and archived video in real-time like no other on the market today.
  • View and control real-time data and data channels.
  • Communications bridge to control IoT technologies.
  • Dispatch System – complete solution from dispatcher to field units. Dispatch capabilities for any and all types of operations.
  • Emergency Operations Center on mobile devices.
  • Bundled Solutions – new application development.
  • Interoperable platform with nearby agencies.
  • Consulting services with real world experts.

With LexRay V5, you can stay on top of ever-changing real-time situations or daily business issues. Whether it’s mitigating a disaster, overseeing millions of square feet of office space, ensuring safe and efficient operations in a casino, safeguarding patrons in a convention center, operating one of the nation’s largest maritime ports or keeping the riders moving and safe on a city transit system, LexRay is the solution to integrate all of your systems on to one common, easy-to-use platform.

In emergencies, LexRay V5 allows you to:

  • engage access control systems, video and more
  • see what’s happening inside your facility and outside the door
  • provide interoperability with internal and outside agencies
  • access floor plans
  • call up maps
  • monitor social media and TV news coverage
  • Interoperable platform with nearby agencies.
  • stay on top of any given situation in real time.

All the information you need is readily available in the palm of your hand – on your tablet or phone. LexRay V5 gives you the ability to collaborate with other team members, increasing situational awareness.

If you are operating a business, surveilling vast expanses of real estate, working collaboratively with outside agencies, or preparing for a crisis scenario, LexRay is here to provide a purposeful solution for you. Do not wait. Add value to your business now! Contact us for more information on how LexRay can help improve your operational efficiencies.