Cryptography Engineer

Cryptography Engineer

LexRay is seeking engineers and engineering leaders to join our cryptocurrency engineering team. The team is building and creating new solutions around crypto investing, management, and security. The cryptocurrency team is responsible for pioneering how LexRay integrates with the various blockchains and networks as we expand our features. 

What Sets Us Apart:

  • High standard of engineering quality
  • Learn how the US financial system works on the inside
  • Integrating cryptocurrency alongside a significant existing investing business
  • High impact roles at a relatively small company for our user base

As a Crypto Engineer you’ll:

  • Build out new functionality for our crypto product, such as adding new currencies or providing wallet functionality.
  • Utilize blockchains for new features or infrastructure.
  • Design a solution with other engineers and the ops team to fix a scalability problem and then implement it.
  • Act as a manager or tech lead, depending on past experience.

Some skills we consider important to being a Crypto Engineer:

  • Strong overall engineering skills that you want to bring to crypto.
  • 2+ years of blockchain / crypto development experience – either personal or professional.
  • Solid understanding of relational databases and transactions.
  • Good intuition for REST API design.
  • Prior experience working with distributed services.