LexRay Blockchain

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a ledger system that only allows users to append data. Meaning, the ledger can be only written onto with new information, appending to the previous information, not allowing the previous information to be edited, adjusted, or changed. The blockchain technology is shared across a decentralized network, removing the data from resting with a single provider. Businesses can now use blockchain as a common data layer to enable a new class of applications. Transaction processes and data can be shared across multiple organizations securely, reducing the risk of fraud, and creating more efficient operations.

Blockchain is the future

Through Lexray’s decade of product development and business partnerships working with enterprises and operational people from around the USA, we have seen the problems facing the video surveillance industry. LexRay Blockchain was formed to build a foundation of new technologies that can offer our partners new services with Ethereum’s web 3.0 platform.

Allowing business to access a distributed and decentralized platform will enable transparent information flow and value transfers offering increased economic value.

How LexRay Integrates Blockchain

LexRay aims to bring the adoption of Ethereum blockchain technology and web 3.0 to our business partners to improve their operational efficiencies with increased economic value. LexRay Blockchain will harness the power of blockchain technology by accessing the Ethereum network through a mobile operations client. Enterprises can then use their real-time video data to analyze events and better serve their customers.

The LexRay mobile operations client allows enterprises to tap into decentralized services offered utilizing a stable and secure Ethereum protocol and blockchain platform.

The LexRay blockchain mobile operations client is designed to interact with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum network. As an ecosystem of decentralized applications, the LexRay marketplace provides AI analytics services and other decentralized services for operators. With web 3.0 the new applications available to enterprises will increase over the years with the mobile client as the hub being used by operators around the world.

LexRay Blockchain Features