About Us

Welcome to LexRay

Whether it’s normal daily operations or an extraordinary event that threatens your business assets or safety and requires an urgent response, you are in complete control with LexRay V5. Now, your team can collaborate remotely on an encrypted platform, taking full advantage of real-time data, video, system interfaces and other critical information from wherever you may be located. All individuals or groups can share the same highly available data in real-time and can react immediately, fully informed and confident they are taking action based on the very latest information.

LexRay’s technology was born out of a request from the Department of Defense. The company stepped up to the task and, once that problem was solved, continued to develop capabilities to meet other normal operational and daunting emergency challenges. Those capabilities, backed by the unparalleled know-how of the LexRay team, benefits all our customers. We know how to apply technology and help our customers embrace the power of mobile.