About us

Welcome to LexRay

Whether it’s normal daily operations or an extraordinary event that threatens your business assets or safety and requires an urgent response, you are in complete control with LexRay V5. Now, your team can collaborate remotely on an encrypted platform, taking full advantage of real-time data, video, system interfaces and other critical information from wherever you may be located. All individuals or groups can share the same highly available data in real-time and can react immediately, fully informed and confident they are taking action based on the very latest information.

LexRay’s technology was born out of a request from the Department of Defense. The company stepped up to the task and, once that problem was solved, continued to develop capabilities to meet other normal operational and daunting emergency challenges. Those capabilities, backed by the unparalleled know-how of the LexRay team, benefits all our customers. We know how to apply technology and help our customers embrace the power of mobile.

Our Team

Jim Argiropoulos

Jim has over 38 years’ experience in Public Safety and Emergency Management, including an appointment by the Mayor as Acting Executive Director for the nation’s second largest 9-1-1 and Homeland Security Center.

During his twenty-year tenure, he was in charge of managing personnel, technology and operations. Jim also directed and executed the daily technical operations including deployment and maintenance of millions in technology. He was responsible for building and launching satellite equipped command vehicles in addition to implementing police and fire technologies and designing two multi-million Command/Fusion Centers.

Jim’s dedication, determination and drive ensured Chicago’s placement as the most technically advanced 9-1-1 and Homeland Security Center in the nation. Additionally, he re-engineered the City’s Emergency Operations Center and designed, executed and managed a multi-million city-wide video surveillance system. Jim has also been called upon to develop and put into operation various types of technologies to assist the United State Secret Service with Presidential protection.

Jim’s expertise in the field of technology has earned him several prestigious awards including the 2009 United States Secret Service Security Award and 2009 City Services Award for use of innovative technology, development of a portable forward command post including satellite and video surveillance which was used to protect President-Elect Obama during his acceptance speech in Grant Park. Jim also received the 2010 Computer World Honors Program Public Sector Innovation Excellence Leadership Award honoring those who use information technology to benefit society. He was the recipient of Government Technology’s 25 Doer’s, Dreamer’s and Drivers Award and received recognition from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of the U.S. Navy, Pentagon and NORAD as well as many other acknowledgements, citations and awards.

Jim is an active member of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO), National Emergency Number Association (NENA), as well as being a former co-chair of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force and former Chairman of the City of Chicago’s Public Safety Consortium.

Sherry Skwarek
Operations Manager

Sherry has worked closely with organizations across a wide range of industries – from public safety and education to sales and management.

Sherry began her career in public safety as a 9-1-1 police and fire dispatcher. During her 14-year tenure, Sherry continued her education to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders, and a Master’s Degree in Education. She became an elementary school teacher in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, then pursued her profession as a speech-language therapist in Arizona, participating in leadership roles as a mentor and team-lead.

Sherry joined the LexRay team in 2014 as an Administrative Assistant and worked her way up to Operations Manager. She serves as the LexRay liaison, collaborating with customers to understand pain points and develop solutions that will improve operational efficiencies. Sherry works to streamline processes by implementing best practices to ensure complete customer satisfaction, and provides training and continued education on LexRay’s full suite of products.

Tom Wroblewski
Technical Lead

Tom is an engineering polyglot, customer advocate, support specialist, mentor, experimenter, aficionado and scholar. Starting his career as a developer, Tom has built everything from single-server monolith applications to large sprawling micro-service architectures. As a manager, Tom understands how LexRay acts as the integration point of over 50 systems allowing our customers the ability to make critical decisions with the most accurate real-time information at a moment’s notice. Tom leads all facets of the LexRay engineering approach and is responsible for understanding the forecast of our system as a whole.

Aaron Argiropoulos
Senior Sales and Implementation

Aaron has over 10 years of experience in system integration and implementation. He diligently works to build new and maintain current client relationships. He provides comprehensive product and service education, technical expertise, quotations, sales processes, and offers exemplary customer service to all LexRay clients.

A detail-oriented individual, Aaron is engaged in business development, inside/outside sales, speaking engagements, continuing education programs for our clients/vendors as well as trade shows.

As a proven leader, he has helped build vital solutions for one of the largest behavioral health companies in Southern California, EMR Solutions – encryption, VOIP and telemedicine. He has managed 20 plus employees and helped enhance sales and productivity as well as day to day operations for a multimillion-dollar steel export facility in Los Angeles.

Aaron holds certifications in Networking issued by Long Beach City College.